#1 Most Advanced Promotion Software for Twitch.TV Inbuilt Proxy Inbuilt Prime Tokens


No, the need for accounts and proxies is eliminated. We regularly restock Available Primes Tokens, and you have the flexibility to choose from 5 proxy locations. If you don't see results with one, you have multiple choices to switch up Locations 99% masked Requests!

The software is designed to run on a PC with a minimum of 2 cores and 4 GB RAM. If you plan to run multiple threads, it is recommended to meet these specifications. Additionally, the software is compatible only with Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating systems.

The software employs a fundamental strategy, and we always recommend personalizing your messages based on your specific goals. For instance, if you're selling unique accounts at a competitive rate on your website, the software can help redirect streamers to your website, Discord server, or other platforms with a compelling and attention-grabbing message. The effectiveness of the software depends on how well you customize your strategy to engage your target audience.

If you are running a Discord server offering products such as Valorant Accounts, League of Legends, Fortnite, etc, TMAD - provides a unique opportunity. By targeting relevant streamers, you can effectively convert them into potential traffic and sales. The possibilities are truly endless.

If you are selling Twitch Related services you can invite the streamers to join your Discord or visit your site to purchase An interesting product/service based on your personalized message(s) Examples can be seen on "Gallery Display"

The execution of this method is very simple and straight forward, you will be gaining supporters insanely fast, those supporters will later on do in-game purchases and you will be fully rewarded by the Epic System (This is long-term Beneficial)

TMAD is designed to target your audience based on your goal, We are personally using this for multiple platforms and for different marketing executions, it all depends on how you utilize your strategy, rest assured we have included all the Folders required to better-understand how the Software is guaranteed to show effect regardless.

Additional Information

TMAD - Allows you to precisely target your desired audience Whether you're promoting a discord server, promoting a gaming community or a product to sell.

With TMAD, you can:

  • Boost your web traffic
  • Web traffic leads to $
  • Gain supporters and followers
  • Reach out to a broader audience
  • Grow discord community servers
  • Enhance your online marketing strategies